Shotgun Pro Bars Review

Recently we did a Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Seat Review, and now here’s the Shotgun Pro Bars Review to accompany their Pro seat. To be honest, at first, I thought the Pro bars were going to be just a bit of a gimmick, but to my surprise, I was completely wrong! The Pro bars made a huge difference to our son’s position on the bike and the steering of the bike. Before we put the Pro Bars on I felt nervous riding down steeper sections of trail, and going around berms fast, but since adding the Pro Bars we instantly felt much safer and can now have way more fun.

Shotgun Pro Bars Review Overview

5/5 stars

PRICE: $70usd (€65,00 EUR, £55.00 GBP) includes free shipping

FITTING: Quick release (for fast fitting)

AGES: Designed for ages 2 – 5 years

FITS BAR DIAMETERS: 31.8 and 35mm

• Quick release for fast fitting and removal
Fits both 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars
• Improves the position on the bike, giving a much better/safer ride for both you and your little shredder
• Give your little one the chance to have their own handlebars to get the full experience – which they love!
• Awesome little grips for little hands, making it easier for them to hold on.
• None we can think of.
Shotgun Pro Bars Review
Shotgun Pro Bars Review

How Do the Shotgun Pro Bars Affect the Ride?

The Pro Bars genuinely make a big positive improvement to how the bike handles. It seems to put your little one slightly further forward giving you more space to pedal and move room to move while riding. Another big advantage with the Pro Bars is that it takes some of their weight off your handlebars, which improves the steering and control of your bike.

Are the Pro Bars Safe?

Personally, I think the pro bars dramatically help improve the safety of the shotgun bike seat. This is because they allow you to move much more freely on the bike, while also making the steering feel lighter, which results in more control and improved safety while shredding with your co-pilot.

Another superb benefit is they help stop curious hands wondering. Before we had the Pro bars our little one loved to pull the brake cables and press the shifters. Now he has his own bars his hands just stay in the correct position, which also helps keep him centred better on the bike – again improving handling.

Safety ultimately comes down to the rider’s ability, and judgment. Mountain biking does have its risks, but having your little co-pilot in the right position definitely helps improve safety and massively improves their stoke!

Do the Little Ones Enjoy the Pro Bars?

The best thing about the Pro Bar is it allows your little shredder to experience the trail from their own perspective. It’s clearly a big hit as I can hear him saying ‘more, more, and laughing his head off. The only challenge is to avoid tears when he has to get off!

shotgun pro bars review

shotgun pro bars review

Where Can You Buy the Shot Gun Pro Handlebars

You can order from their website, they have distributors all over the world for fast shipping.

US store

UK store

European store

Shotgun Bars vs Shotgun Pro Bars

Shotgun BarsShotgun Pro Bars
Fixed with Allen key bolts (simple to adjust/fit/remove) Quick release for super fast fitting, removal and adjustment
250mm bar width   355mm extra wide bar width (improving stability) 
22.2mm standard grips for mini hands  19mm undersized grips for little hands
Fits 25.4mm, 31.8mm and 35mm handlebar diameters Fits 31.8 and 35mm handlebar diameters only
Fits stems up to 75mm wide Fits stems up to 60mm wide
Price: $35, 40, £29.99 Price: $70, 65, £55

How Long Do the Pro Bars Take to Fit?

The bar can be fitted or taken off within literally 20 seconds. Their quick-release system means you do not need any tools. All you need to do is ensure you have the correct size rubber shim to ensure they fit your handlebar diameter.

Final Thoughts

We were presently surprised at the huge difference the Shotgun Pro Bars provide. The bars provide a much-improved ride position for both you and your mini co-pilot, which is more confidence-inspiring and ultimately more fun for you both! Giving your little shredder their won handlebars really allows them to get stoked on mountain biking from their own perspective.

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