Are Cube Bikes Good? (Helpful Tips)

Cube Bikes is a German manufacturer whose bikes are handmade in their Bavarian factory. They have a huge selection of bikes and do not sell directly to consumers – instead, their bikes are only available through dealers.

so just how good are the bikes?

Here’s How Good Cube Bikes Are:

Cube bikes are handmade in Germany and generally come with excellent specs. The bikes are well regarded by riders of all abilities.

A Brief History Of Cube Bikes

Cube bikes grew from humble beginnings to become one of the leading bike manufacturers. In 1993, the company was founded by Marcus Puerner in Waldershof, Bavaria. The business began by importing a few bikes to sell around the local area, but soon they began designing their own frames. They then fitted these out with some of the top components available.

The company has grown massively over the years. The current range of bikes has over 400 different models, manufactured in the company’s 390,000 square feet facility that opened in 2016.

500 staff work on the two assembly lines manufacturing 4,500 bikes a day. The bikes are now distributed in 67 countries around the world and the company sells 1.2 million bikes a year, making them Europe’s largest bike manufacturer.

Is Cube a Good Bike Brand?

Are Cube Bikes Good?

Cube’s key points as a brand are:


They are constantly adapting their products, manufacturing methods, and location to ensure they reduce their environmental impact. Their bike boxes are made from 100% recycled material. They also aim to make their bikes last over 20 years through a combination of rigorous testing, warranty, and crash replacement schemes.


Cube bikes aim to make their bikes last over 20 years through a combination of rigorous testing, warranties, and crash replacement. This helps ensure high-quality bikes for the end-user, and also helps makes their brand more sustainable.

In-house testing 

Cubes in-house testing is always developing the latest technology to help develop materials and designs which can make their bikes lighter, stiffer, and more enjoyable for the end-user.


Cube bikes sponsor and work with top athletes in Mountain biking, Road, Cyclocross, and Triathlon. Competition forces and drives rapid innovation, which also helps Cube bikes make bikes that are not just good, but also competitive at the highest level.

How Reliable Are Cube Bikes?

Cube bikes are high quality and go through rigorous quality control. The components used in their manufacture are also some of the best available. All of this combines to make very reliable bikes.

What Types Of Bikes Do Cube Make?

With over 400 different models available, Cube makes a bike for every possible situation.

For mountain biking, they have a number of different bikes from hardtails to full suspension. The hardtail range features everything from racing bikes to jump bikes. The full suspension range features enduro, cross country, and downhill bikes.

The road bike range includes road race bikes, cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, and triathlon bikes.

The company also offers commuter bikes, touring bikes, kids bikes, and an ever-growing selection of E-bikes.

You can see the latest collection of Cube bikes here

How Expensive Are Cube Bikes?

With a huge range of bikes, there is obviously a huge variety in the price of the bikes. The entry-level hardtail Aim retails for £429. Their downhill bike, the Two15, costs ten times as much. 

Other full suspension bikes come in at different prices. The entry-level Stereo 120 costs £1399 and offers fantastic value for money.

The carbon AMSZero99 is their top-level mountain bike and costs £7500.

The pricing of their road bikes is similar, with more basic race bikes costing around £1399 and the top-of-the-line bikes, such as the Litening C:68X costing £7200.

How Durable Are Cube Bikes?

Cube bikes go through a rigorous quality control program to ensure that they can take a beating. The Cube Test Standard applies different tests to different models to ensure their durability. Their carbon frames go through their own quality control to ensure they can perform as required.

What About Older Cube Bikes?

Cube bikes generally hold up pretty well after a few years. The manufacturing quality is high enough that they last the test of time. The high-quality parts are also long-lasting.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

As a huge company, Cube still manufactures parts for older bikes. Many of their components are sourced from other companies, meaning that there are always parts available for them as well.

What Are Typical Problems With Cube Bikes?

In the past, there have been reports of problems with the carbon used in the bike frames. Cube has high-quality control standards, but considering the high number of bikes they sell each year, it is not surprising that there have been some issues with their bikes. 

There was one batch in particular that had this issue, but it has since been fixed.

There have also been reports of poor customer service, and for buyers in America, the lack of representation outside of Europe could be a problem.

How Long Do Cube Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Although there have been some reports of issues with the build quality of some of their older bikes, these issues have since been corrected and the bikes generally last quite well.

Are Cube Bikes Good for the average rider?

Do Cube Bikes Hold Their Value?

Cube bikes are generally fairly cheap compared to other, similar brands. The large manufacturing facilities mean that it works out cheaper for them to build bikes than other companies. Due to their low cost relative to other bikes, they hold their value quite well. They have good components which help to add to the value. How to Buy a Used Mountain Bike | Buyers Guide

Are Cube Bikes Still Being Made?

Not only are Cube bikes still being made, but the company is now the largest bike manufacturer in Europe, building 4,500 bikes a day. 

The company’s team riders have won numerous races and competitions over the years and, despite having quite a low profile in America, they are very high profile in Europe.

Final Thoughts (Are Cube Bikes Good?)

Cube bikes are well made, and usually come built with good components. For those more advanced riders, Cube bikes have been raced proven at the highest level, so the bikes are more than capable! Another benefit of Cube bikes is they are noticeably cheaper than comparable brands, so perfect for riders on a budget!

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