Are Silverback Bikes Good? (Helpful Tips)

Silverback is not one of the most well-known bike brands on the market. In fact, it is quite rare to see them out on the trails. However, they have a dedicated following among those in the know who think of them as something of a “hidden gem” in the world of cycling.

With that in mind, are their bikes any good?

Here’s How Good Silverback Bikes Are:

While they are not a huge brand or a very well-known brand, Silverback has a great reputation among those in the know. 

The bikes are largely seen as underrated and well priced. Some people might pay more for a more established name, but for those who dig a bit deeper, there is plenty to recommend in the Silverback range of bikes.

Are Silverback Bikes Good?
Are Silverback Bikes Good?

A Brief History Of Silverback

Unlike some other bike companies, Silverback does not have a long history. In fact, the company was founded in 2004.

Deon Retief founded the company in Stuttgart with a vision of making technologically advanced bikes at a competitive price.

Retief had been involved in the cycling industry since the 1990s, working for a number of different bicycle manufacturers.

Retief conducted extensive research before setting up his own company. He travelled the world and visited over 500 bicycle retailers.

Innovation has been a keyword in the company’s development. Throughout their existence, they have won awards, such as being named as one of the 100 most innovative bike companies in the world by T3 magazine in 2011 and being labelled as one of the most advanced bike companies in the world by Ideamensch magazine in the same year.

In 2018 and 2019, Silverback-built bikes were named the bike of the year by Biketoday News.

How Reliable Are Silverback Bikes?

A great deal of research goes into building Silverback bikes. In fact, their research and development facilities are among the best in the world. This means that their bikes are reliable, with the only possible weak area being the components, which are not particularly high spec. 

What Types Of Bikes Does Silverback Make?

Silverback is not a huge company and this is reflected in their small range of bikes.

They have a small number of mountain bikes – both hardtail and full suspension – for a number of different kinds of riding – trail, cross country, and “sport” which seems to consist of their hardtail bikes.

Their road bike range features a larger selection of bikes and features race bikes as well as triathlon bikes

They also make hybrid bikes, gravel bikes, and urban bikes, as well as a range of E-bikes.

You can see their full range of bikes here

How Expensive Are SIlverback Bikes?

Silverback bikes are very cheap compared to some of their rivals. This might put off some buyers, thinking that they are getting an inferior bike, but the quality of their construction is still high.

Their mountain bikes are considerably cheaper compared to other mountain bikes. 

Their most expensive mountain bike – the cross-country Stratos CF SBC – costs just over £6,000. Their entry-level cross-country bike, the Stratos AL 5, is available for £1,800.

Their downhill bike, the Synergie Graisse, is a carbon, fat bike that costs £3,000. They also have a hardtail trail bike, the Slade, priced at £1,300 and £1,700, depending on the model.

Their top-end Scarosso race road bike comes in a variety of different setups, priced from £2,900 all the way up to £7,200. The Sirelli is their entry-level road bike that costs £2,000.

They also manufacture E-bikes for each discipline. The mountain bike E-bikes go from £3,000 to £5,800.

They have other E-bikes priced at around £4,000.

Stratos CF 1 - Silverbacklab
Are Silverback Bikes Good? -Stratos CF 1 (photo: silverback bikes)

How Durable Are Silverback Bikes?

The frames on Silverback bikes are of good quality with good durability. Silverback has high standards of quality control and testing at their factory. 

The only part of their bikes that could cause concern is the components. Other bikes have better components due to their higher price, so the parts on a Silverback bike might need replacing sooner. 

What About Older Silverback Bikes?

Silverback is not a particularly old company and “older” bikes for them would be less than twenty years old. Their designs have always been ahead of the game, being one of the first companies to heavily invest in 27.5-inch wheel bikes. 

As long as the bikes have components in good condition, the chances are that older Silverback bikes will still be riding well.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Silverback does not currently offer parts for older bikes, although contacting the company might help.

What Are Typical Problems With Silverback Bikes?

The only problem with Silverback bikes come down to the cheaper components. There have been reports of bent derailleurs and other parts not lasting as long as more expensive parts on other bikes. 

How Long Do Silverback Bikes Last Compared To Similar Brands?

On their lower-end bikes, the components might not be the best and might need upgrading with better parts early on if possible, but the frames themselves are good and long-lasting. 

The more expensive bikes have better components that do not have so many issues with the parts.

Do Silverback Bikes Hold Their Value?

Silverback bikes are not very well known and do not have a high resale value. Buyers will generally focus on more well-known or desirable brands, which affects the resale value.

Are Silverback Bikes Still Being Made?

Silverback bikes are still being made and the company continues to innovate with its designs. They have enjoyed steady growth and, while they might never dominate the industry, they still have a strong business and good sales.

Final Thoughts (Are Silverback Bikes Good?)

Despite being relativity unknown Silverback makes good bikes at a very reasonable price. If you like owning a bike that’s slightly more rare and unique compared to the better-known brands, then a Silverback bike could be a great option.

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