Are Polygon Bikes Good? (Helpful Tips)

Polygon is an established bike brand that produces a full range of bikes. The company can boast their bikes have achieved both national and international podium race results.

They have a reputation for quality construction, great handling, and competitive pricing, but just how good are they?

Here’s How Good Polygon Bikes Are:

Polygon bikes are well designed, race-proven, and favorably priced compared to the most top-end brands. The brand consistently uses feedback from their world-class athletes to keeps developing and innovating their bikes. Many people decide on a Polygon bike because they usually offer good quality components at a reasonable price.

A Brief History Of Polygon  

Polygon was established in 1989 to originally produce bikes for the Southeast Asia markets. The Polygon name is a trading name made by PT Inera Sena the Indonesian bicycle manufacturer located in sidoarjo (East Java).

Where did the Polygon name come from? The name comes from the geometric term ‘Polygon’, which means ‘many sides’. This name reflects their brand well as there are many different ‘sides’ or aspects to their brand, while their core values always remain the same.

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Are Polygon Bikes Good?
Are Polygon Bikes Good?

What Types of Bikes Do Polygon Make?

Polygon produces a full range of bikes from Downhill race-winning machines to basic bikes for children to enjoy.

Mountain bikes

Polygon produces mountain bikes for Downhill (DH), Enduro, TrailCross-country (XC), Leisure, Women’s.

Road bikes

Polygone produces road bikes for EnduranceCyclocrossFlat bar road bikes.

Urban bikes

Polygone produces urban bikes such as HybridUtilityCityTandemFolding bikes.

BMX bikes

Polygon produces BMX‘s, dirt jump, and pump track bikes.

Youth bikes

Polygon also produces bikes for children to enjoy.

How Reliable Are Polygon?

Polygon usually makes very reliable and good-quality bikes. Although, some Polygon owners say the brand provides flash top-end components like Fox suspension, and Shimano drivetrain, and may skim in less obvious areas like wheels and seat posts, etc, however, polygons’ most recent bikes seem to have a better balance of all around components.

How Expensive Are Polygon Bikes?

In comparison to brands like Santa Cruz and Pivot, Polygon is very much at the lower end of the quality bike price range. They offer a basic mountain bike hardtail for as low as $499 (USD) and their top-end BROMO N8 bike for $6199.

How Durable Are Polygon Bikes?

Polygon frames are usually relatively durable and well made, but like any bike, it depends on how much you spend and if the bike is being used for its intended purpose. Polygon, like any bike brand, the more you spend the better components you get, which are much more likely to be durable and long-lasting.

Are Polygon Bikes Good?
Are Polygon Bikes Good (consigliere ivan from Bontang, Indonesia, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

There is a ‘Spare Parts’ section on the Polygon website but does not appear to show any results. If you need spare parts for older bikers It could be worth contacting their customer support, however, we have come across a number of people who have had issues getting older spares.

What Is the Warrenty Like with Polygon Bikes?

The warranty on Polygon bikes only covers frame and non-suspension forks. Also, all-electric components on E-bikes and any of Polygon’s own brand ‘ENTITY’ labeled components.

What Are Typical Problems With Polygon Bikes?

After speaking with a large number of Polygon bike owners, it seemed like there are a considerable amount of people which have had issues with their Polygon bikes from new, and issues with Polygons customer support. It’s hard to know if these were just a few unlucky customers out of many thousands of bikes sold, or if there are some issues that could be addressed.

You can avoid most of the issues with any new bikes by simply paying a good bike mechanic to completely rebuild your bike from new. Ensure they are using a torque wrench, all the appropriate parts are well greased/lubed.

it’s worth noting that most bike brands have issues with their frames and components, at the end of the day the more products you make, the more likely you’re going to have some with defects. However, some brands have better systems, and better quality control to help minimize the risk of defects.

How Long Do Polygon Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Polygon bikes are made well and are likely to last as long as any other bikes that have had a similar amount of riding. Like any bike, it’s important to keep on top of the maintenance if you want to ensure the bike will last.

Do Polygon Bikes Hold Their Value?

Polygon bikes do hold their value, but perhaps not as well as bigger higher-end brands like Santa Cruz. It also depends on the bike, if you went for a higher spec bike, then it’s more likely to hold its value for longer.

Why Are Polygon Bikes so Cheap?

Polygon bikes are around 20% to 40% cheaper than comparable bikes as they sell directly to the consumer. This means they can pass on the discount to the consumers rather than the distributors. This is combined with the bikes being manufactured in Indonesian where manufacturing cost are lower.

Are Polygon Bikes Still Being Made?

Yes, Polygon bikes are still being made. However, they appear to have cut their DH bike from their range. Polygons production numbers look to be increasing which is a positive sign for the brand.

Do Polygon Bike Come Tubless?

Yes, Polygon bikes do come tubeless, but only the mid to high-end bikes. Many brands don’t offer a tubless option for their lower-end bikes, as this requires more expensive rims and tyres

Are Polygon Ebikes Good?

Polygon makes both mountain bikes and urban E-bikes. They are come well spec’d for the money, but there is still room for improvement

Final Thoughts (Are Polygon Bikes Good?)

so are polygon bikes good? Yes, they are very well made and have been proven to perform at a high level. The combination of good components and low prices makes them seem quite appealing to many. Just remember to ensure the bike is built well from new, and you might want to consider upgrading some of the polygon’s own brand components.

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