Are Norco Bikes Good? (Helpful Tips)

Norco has been making bikes for over sixty years. The brand is well known and well respected in the biking community, in particular in the USA and Canada.

They have a huge range with almost 150 different models.

With that kind of reputation, they continue to attract new users. Are the bikes worthy of their reputation? Does Norco continue to make good bikes?

Here’s How Good Norco Bikes Are:

Norco’s reputation is well deserved. They have stringent standards that ensure quality bikes and they put all of their bikes through a rigorous testing process in the wildest and harshest terrain Canada has to offer. Top-end materials, emerging technologies, and enviable engineering standards mean that Norco produces some excellent bikes that are well worth looking into when considering a new bike.

A Brief History Of Norco

Norco Bikes had humble beginnings, being founded in a chicken coop in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, in 1964 by Bert Lewis, under the name Northern Cycle Industries.

Old School BMX start line
1964 Norco BMX (photo:

The company was always looking to innovate and capitalize on the latest trends in biking. They were one of the first companies to build a ten-speed bike and built BMX bikes when the BMX boom really got going.

In 1973, they built their first full-suspension BMX and in 1975 they produced their first ten-speed bike.

In 1984, the company made a move that was to redefine the direction of the company. Being based in British Columbia, it was probably inevitable that it would happen, as the company produced their first mountain bike. 

Are Norco Bikes Good?
1986 Norco Alpine, (Photo : Wiki)

Not only was Norco one of the first mountain bike manufacturers in North America, but they were also the first in North America to produce a front suspension mountain bike. This bike was known as the Norco Rampage.

The company continued to grow in the years that followed and, in 1995, began selling their bikes worldwide. Now, the company has almost 150 different models that are sold all around the globe.

How Reliable Are Norco?

Throughout their history, Norco has strived to make sure that their bikes are built for reliability with components that have been specially chosen for their reliability. 

The general consensus of Norco bikes is that they are well built, solid, and reliable.

What Types Of Bikes Does Norco Make?

Norco’s primary focus has always been mountain bikes, and that remains true to this day.

They make:

  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Enduro
  • All Mountain
  • Trail
  • Fat Bike
  • XC Race
  • Cross Country
  • Dirt Jump

They do offer a range of road bikes, but these are not traditional road bikes such as you might find from a brand such as Pinarello. Instead, they offer gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes. They also have a range of urban bikes.

Their mountain bike range is by far their largest range and In each category, there are a number of different options depending on the budget.

You can see Norco’s latest range of bikes on their website here

How Expensive Are Norco Bikes?

Norco bikes are not nearly as expensive as some of their rivals. In fact, they offer great value for money. 

For their downhill bikes, the top-of-the-range carbon Aurum C1 costs £7,700, which is much cheaper than similarly specced bikes from other companies.

The A1, aluminum version of the Aurum costs £3,750 while the Aurum frameset is £1,649.

Their enduro bike – the Range – is priced from £5,600 to £9,500.

The rest of their full-suspension bikes have similar prices, with the cross country race bike, the Revolver FS AXS 120 being their most expensive at £11,000.

Their cheapest road bike, the Search XR Flat Bar, costs £1,300 while their most expensive, the Search XR C1, costs £5,000.

How Durable Are Norco Bikes?

Norco bikes are designed for, and tested on, some of the most rugged terrains that Canada has to offer. They are engineered to be able to tackle this terrain and are exceptionally durable.

What About Older Norco Bikes?

Norco has been refining their bike designs for years and they continue to go from strength to strength. The older bikes still hold up well today and their legacy can often be seen in the newer bikes’ designs.

Do They Still Make Parts For Older Models?

Depending on the age of the bike it is still possible to easily get parts for some older Norco models. Of course, going all the way back to the 1980s or 1990s makes this much harder, but for bikes made in the past decade, it is still quite simple.

What Are Typical Problems With Norco Bikes?

Some people have experienced problems with the press-fit bottom bracket on some Norco bikes. There have also been some issues with the length of the warranties on the bikes.

How Long Do Norco Bikes Last Compared To Similar Brands?

Norco bikes are known for being long-lasting. They are built for the toughest terrain out there and as long as they are well looked after then they should not develop any major problems.

Do Norco Bikes Hold Their Value?

Due to the reputation of the company, and the durability of the bikes, Norco bikes hold their value amazingly well. They do not depreciate massively year by year and anyone buying a Norco bike can expect to sell it on for a good price.

Are Norco Bikes Still Being Made?

Norco bikes are still being made. The company sells its bikes across the world and has almost 150 different models. The bikes continue to be as popular and sought after as ever.

Where Are Norco Bikes Made?

Norco bikes are manufactured in China and Taiwan. However, all their design and engineering is done at their head office in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.

What Kind of Bike Is a Norco?

Norco makes a whole range of bikes, but they are mostly focused on producing mountain bikes.

Are Norco Bikes Lightweight?

It depends on which bike and what year. Norco’s modern bikes are very light and well-engineered. However, historicity they were known to make some of the most durable and consequently heavy bikes on the market. Norco like many of the top mountain bike brands seems to have solved the challenging engineering puzzle of making bikes that are lightweight and also durable.

Final Thoughts (Are Norco Bikes Good?)

Norco makes some of the most underrated bikes on the market. They are very well made, provide a great warranty and more importantly they ride extremely well! Also considering their great build quality you’re actually getting great value for money. This all combined with Norco’s brilliant race results again gives credibility to their brand. So if you are looking for a quality bike, that rides well and doesn’t break the bank, then Norco could be a great option for you.

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